Information Control


Use your "ime" to harvest, unify and analyze your dispersed digital experiences

Primordia is the building block of a new connected world, where anyone and anything smart is an active participant, not just data. The way that smart entities of the physical world are introduced and represented in is called ime, a digital footprint used to semantically connect entity related information spread in Primordia nodes’ databases and connected legacy systems, formerly in isolation. You can host your ime to a Primordia enterprise server and later relocate it to your own Primordia node (personal server) along with all your data and semantic links.

Use your ime to instantly or periodically retrieve and dynamically visualize combined digital experiences stored in Primordia nodes
Configure your distributed ime imprints to periodically update your host with reports and certificates issued by users in other Primordia nodes
Demonstrate ime properties certified by other Primordia nodes to register and authenticate to web apps outside Primordia,workd

Use your ime imprint to retrieve and visualize your medical records from a Primordia enabled Medical Center. Connect to all hospitals you have visited as a patient, to get collective information about your medical history. Get a digitally signed Marriage Certificate from a Primordia enabled Municipality Archive, generated by Primordia apps, to certify your name or the relation with your spouse’s ime. Present your certified properties to Primordia nodes to authenticate and access restricted information. Use your vehicle’s ime, managed by your own, to collect service and repair records from garages or contracts from insurance companies. Sell your car, and just transfer its ime custody to the buyer, along with all its archives and links. Allow access to your ime data & document repository to Primordia nodes so as to upgrade their records with up-to-date information. These are just a few privileges you can have through your ime representation.

Imprints Directory

Through your ime management console you can have instant access to all your ime imprints in Primordia world. The platform will indicate which imprints and host nodes are active and up-to-date, by monitoring their heartbeat, and it will help you quantify information wealth linked behind each and every one. Primordia can demonstrate what data of your own (your entity related information) has been modified or extended, as well as which data has been transferred between nodes. Through this console you can reconfigure your imprints in order to define time schedules for retrieving information as well as rules upon which access to your properties and your digital experiences will be allowed to remote nodes and beneficiaries .

Life Events

All ime related life events are analytically recorded by the platform, in both nodes involved. Digital Experiences requests, certificate shipments, ime relocations, imprints generation & connection, data cells modification and movement, heartbeats verification, imprints activation and deactivation, are some examples of life events you can monitor through the platform, so as to have a complete picture of your ime interactions across That data accompany your ime whenever you relocate it to another node, along with Primordia digital signature pairs verifying its validity. In fact, one major life event of your ime is to update all its remote imprints about its new host location, after a relocation activity.

i-me Connection

You can request to leave your imprint to an interfaced node or you can initiate an Ime - imprint connection from a foreign node. In the latter case, you will have to authenticate to your Ime host through your Ime connected user account, and then the two nodes will proceed to an integrated distributed transaction and transparently establish the requested connection. Easy, fast and completely secure!



Your name is usually found in hundreds of databases around the world, isolated from each other. You digitally “exist” in government systems, shopping sites, banks, insurance companies, medical centers and so on, but you have never counted those instances of your identity. In most cases, your distributed profiles maintain old or unreliable information, your address is a typical example. Typically that data are not accessible by you, except when your profile is connected with a web user account through which you can have access just to a small part of the micro world constructed around you.

employment archives
Employment Archives

Connect with your former employers and their human resource management systems and get instant access to your employment history

education records
Education Records

Integrate your academic and vocational training records to a single resume, and keep it continuously up to date

medical journal
Medical Journal

Connect with medical centers you have visited to access all your medical records, diagnoses, prescriptions and other health information

government relations
Government Relations

Instantly access your personal data and transactions kept in government information systems and databases

banking transactions
Banking Transactions

Integrate your banking accounts, your loans, credit cards and related transactions and keep track of your financial assets and obligations

shopping history
Shopping History

Connect with shopping sites and retail information systems to get consolidated access to your purchases and track your orders

Digital experiences are all those micro worlds maintained in hundreds of databases for your own identity. With Primordia, they can all be connected and merged instantly, enabling you to visualize your distributed profiles and associated data as a single picture of how all others view and process yourself. This is what “me” stands for in “Ime”. By setting up imprints in all locations maintaining a profile of yours, you can use your Ime to connect this information, and harvest it constantly or on request. Primordia nodes will process your digital experience requests, fetch and document your micro world they maintain, and forward the package to your Ime host, for further processing. Specialized Primordia tools will enable you to view each package individually, by dynamically constructing the appropriate app or data network visualization, or in a combined way (eg your medical records from all visited hospitals, laboratories and doctor offices).

Through your ime, you can use Primordia Host to store your Digital Assets

Use Primordia to allow full or restricted access to your data repositories for all represented imes in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Define access levels on your data elements, and restrict access to other imes data.



Your can use prebuilt or user defined custom properties and relations to enrich your Ime identity and generate a micro world around it. Your name, birth date, current address, social security number or even a vehicle ownership or child parentship is some typical examples.

On the other hand, Primordia apps can be used to produce digitally signed documents certifying entity properties and relations, based on the data and their associations stored in its local repositories or accessible legacy databases. By changing the “delivery channel” specification attribute of a typical Operation, the platform will fetch data and create an exportable document (in pdf, xls or any other document format the user desires), following the structure specified by its services. The document can be digitally signed, using the node private key, and finally stored in the database to be further utilized by other apps or to be transferred in other interfaced nodes.

When fetching data, Primordia operations and services will identify whether an entity is connected with an Ime, locally hosted or remotely represented. In the case of a reporting operation, the platform will not only generate the certificate, but it will also produce and store copies of it to be transmitted to the referenced imes through their imprints. When an Ime connects to its imprints, Primordia nodes will forward all certificates referencing it to the host node, and they will be stored in its certificates repository under the properties and relations they certify.

  • See how certificates are produced  

Use a reporting operation to produce a marriage certificate. If related entities (persons) are connected with imes, the certificate will ultimately be transferred to their host node, to certify documented properties (eg family status) as well as a relation between them (spouse to spouse).

Expose your certified properties and relations to specific apps running in your host or other Primordia nodes, enabling users to update their entity records or exploit underlying certificates to their workflow processes. Control and monitor in real time who and from where your certificates are accessed.

Exploit Primordia tools to produce your own documents for relations identified within your digital experiences or your Ime data repository, request your host node or other nodes to sign and certify their validity, and finally forward them to related imes’ host nodes to generate distributed associations.

Consolidated access to all you Ime properties and relations
Primordia offers consolidated access to all your Ime properties and relations, along with all documents certifying them. You can design new properties and extend relation types, the way you desire, and request from remote nodes to verify and certify then on your behalf. Moreover, you can manage such information on behalf of imes under your custody (eg your children) or ownership (eg your house).

Create a micro world of data and connections using Primordia tools from any device or channel, and allow Primordia nodes to consume its contents the way you desire.

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Certified properties and other type of certificates issued by Primordia nodes can be used by imes to verify their identity and authenticate in other nodes or even Primordia linked web sites. For example, you can use a digitally signed birth certificate to automatically register to a web site, which uses Primordia platform for identity management. You just click on “register”, and everything else is handled by your host node and the IDM one, completely transparently.

Apps Authentication & Authorization through Trust Chains

Primordia nodes can be configured to allow access to their apps directly from users or imes registered in chains of trusted interfaced nodes. When a user is using this feature, Primordia will request from its interfaced nodes to verify whether this user has a valid account in them or their own interfaces. In a positive case, the user will be asked to authenticate in this node, and app access will be granted according to the defined configuration.

Discover other imes

Use your host node interfaces to search for other imes in Primordia world. Each node will forward your request to its interfaced node, and from there to every node of the network, until a positive match has been identified. Moreover, you can use Primordia web interface to publish your Ime profile on the internet, so as to be discoverable through google search.

Create your Social Network

You can use your Ime to connect with other imes in Connected imes exchange their imprints and their entity profiles, so as to be utilized in apps created by you over your own social network. You can communicate with connected imes instantly, publish posts in their wall, exchange data & certificates, or even verify your relations.